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ViiA Screen

Measure the operational availability, reliability and response times of your digital screens.

  • Detect module failures, static colors, frozen or off screens.
  • Record incidents with image captures generated through the IP camera.
  • Automatically notify your assigned technical team, through our mobile application or by email.
  • Generate reports that measure incident response times, the availability and reliability of screens and technical equipment.

ViiA Health

Manage all your IT resources remotely and centralize your digital inventory information.

  • Check the status of your computing resources such as processing, RAM, storage or temperature.
  • Manage lists of applications that should or should not be run, and generate automatic actions when unauthorized activity is detected.
  • Strengthen access control with an additional layer of security that complements to complement remote control applications.

ViiA Task

Centralize workflows and increase the productivity of your operational team, through a project manager designed exclusively by and for OOH companies.

  • Plan the availability of your static and digital inventory.
  • Centralize commercial and operational work in one ecosystem.
  • Manage the distribution of campaigns and installations through work and route orders.
  • Track the operating cost of your inventory.
  • Easy integration to Proof Of Posting (POP) tools.

ViiA Board

Get an all-in-one service for your static inventory: from the creation and distribution of campaigns, to the installation and review of audited reports.

  • Manage availability across time-periods.
  • Avoid coalitions between advertisers.
  • Crea restrictions and filters on your static inventory.
  • Manage assemblies and disassemblies of campaigns/arts.
  • Easy integration with Proof Of Posting (POP) tools.