LIMA, December 13, 2023 – Invian, an OOH technology company with a broad reach in Latin America, announces the launch of NucleOOH, a platform that simplifies the communication process between media owners and advertisers through the creation of requests.

This new solution addresses the overload of emails, spreadsheets and documentation that occurs in OOH management. It also addresses storage limitations when requesting artwork approval, as large files are commonly sent that require additional platforms to attach them.

The reliance on these tools in the OOH industry not only makes it difficult to track campaigns, but also generates a high cost of time and mental energy. A recent Microsoft study found that many employees spend the equivalent of two workdays each week in meetings and sending emails.

Source: Microsoft (2023)

In this context, NucleOOH provides the level of participation, speed and transparency that campaign management demands. “The OOH process is collaborative by nature, so using mailers can detract from that,” commented Kelson Schmitt, founder and CEO of Invian. “NucleOOH not only speeds up the work, but also improves the quality of communications. This becomes even more relevant when it comes to approving artwork and proposals, by concentrating the entire chronology of a contract on a single trackable and measurable platform.”

NucleOOH features include:
  • Request creation
    Media owners can make commercial proposals, quotes, approvals, report requests, among others. Advertisers can self-manage by creating artwork and campaign approval requests, with the option of attaching large multimedia files directly from the platform. Tracking is done through the status assigned to each request.

NucleOOH communication platform

  • Visualization of campaign history
    NucleOOH is designed with an advertiser-centric approach. It offers an orderly history of campaigns purchased over time, with information on responsible parties, deadlines and inventory. In addition, it offers live streaming service and the option to download documentation, such as POP reports, payment receipts, signed contracts, among others.

NucleOOH communication platform

  • Access to a private marketplace (PMP)
    Advertisers can view an exclusive inventory, automatically validate availability and have more detailed information. The purchase is done directly, through a credit system that allows media agencies to self-generate campaigns.

NucleOOH is available to all OOH media owners. For more information about our service, please contact us at