More brands are recognizing the important role of OOH in the digitalization of the advertising industry. According to a forecast by EMarketer, outdoor advertising spend in the U.S. will increase by 6.5% this year, reaching $9.51 billion.

This growth is due to its ability to serve as a bridge between physical and digital experiences, something that fits perfectly with the omnichannel trend. Attractives such as immersive experience or contextual relevance allow OOH campaigns to go beyond local impact, promoting online engagement.

Now, how can OOH media owners take advantage of this landscape? Success will largely depend on their technological ability to integrate with other touch points. It’s not just about having a presence within the ecosystem; it’s about ensuring that OOH facilitates this integration and complements/enhances other channels. Here are some recommendations:

Simplify coordination between static and digital inventory

The first step is to facilitate media planning from the OOH inventory itself. This is due to two common problems for advertisers: lack of information on space availability and lengthy negotiation processes. One solution is to invest in a specialized platform that allows not only to integrate physical and digital inventory in real time, but to achieve the level of collaboration that advertisers need during the lifecycle of a campaign.

Optimize online integration through the DCO

As online advertising faces restrictions on third-party cookies, OOH is emerging as a solution thanks to Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). This technology allows content to be automatically modified based on context, offering more personalized experiences, improving the flow and consistency by integrating with other channels.

Engage advertisers in omnichannel planning

While omnichannel is imminent for the future, many marketers have not yet taken the plunge with OOH. Given this, it is vital to democratize the access to inventory, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, helping them understand the OOH opportunities available to refine their creative options.